Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to alter "System" password in Oracle database express edition

Oracle database express edition is installed as part of OATS(Oracle Application Testing Suite) installation and during installation, I don't recall been asked to setup database administrator username and password, which is required to login to the Database Home page. However, you can login as a "SYSTEM" user but before that, you will need to setup the password for this user. Sorry, don't know the default password for "SYSTEM" user.

Following steps show how to setup the password for “SYSTEM” user.

NOTE: This was tested on Windows 7.

1: Make sure the database service is running. This can be checked by running "Start Database" option. If it is running, you will see following output.

2: Type following commands to connect to the database without using password.
sqlplus /nolog
connect / as sysdba
Now you are connected as "SYSTEM" user with full DBA rights. Therefore, you can go ahead and change the password of "SYSTEM" user.

3: Type in the following command to change the password.
alter user {username} identified by {password};
alter user system identified by oatsystem;

4: Now you should be able to login to Database homepage as "system" user with the new password.

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