Friday, October 5, 2012

IBM HeapAnalyzer java.lang.OutOfMemory

You might get java.lang.OutOfMemory error in IBM HeapAnalyzer while processing heapdumps.
Try increasing the JVM heap size and see whether it fixes your OutOfMemory issue before trying other options.

 Following is how you invoke HeapAnalyzer with a heap size parameter in windows.

Finally if your OutOfMemory Issue is fixed, you should able to see the heap dump analysis in HeapAnalyzer.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chrome About URL

I was playing around with Chrome's about feature few days ago but forgot the actual URL. Therefore this post is to remind me the actual URL. The URL is chrome://about/. There are some useful URLs to know in the list and they are:
  • chrome://dns/
  • chrome://tracing/
  • chrome://profiler/
  • chrome://net-internals/
  • chrome://memory-redirect/
  • chrome://flags/