Thursday, April 28, 2011

Threadsafe protocols in LoadRunner

How to findout which protocols are threadsafe in LoadRunner?

Except for Sybase-Ctlib, Sybase-Dblib, Informix, Tuxedo and Peoplesoft-Tuxedo protocols, all other protocols are threadsafe (see the screenshot below of LR9.5 Vugen User Guide).

Alternatively, you can check each protocol as follows to findout whether it is threadsafe or not.
1: Go to ...\LoadRunner\dat\protocols folder
2: Open up an appropriate .lrp file (i.e. QTWeb, Tuxedo)
3: Search for "EnableThreads". If this parameter value is set to 1 then it is threadsafe else it is not.
    For example: QTWeb has EnableThreads=1
                          Tuxedo has EnableThreads=0

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