Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gomez - Uploading transaction Script to Gomez portal

If you have recorded a business process using GOMEZ Recorder and you want to upload it to their server(so that you can run transaction last mile tests), this is how you have to do it.

1: Download GOMEZ Recorder from Gomez Portal.

2: Record the business process using GOMEZ Recorder. Make sure the script replays correctly and once done, click on File->Save (remote) button.

3: If you are uploading the script for first time, you will get a login popup window. Enter your Login details (UserName and Password) that you use to login to GOMEZ portal.

4:Once your credentials are verified, a "Save to Gomez Platform" popup will be displayed. Enter the script name and click Save button.

5: Login to the GOMEZ portal and navigate to "Add Last Mile Tests" page.

6: Click on Script dropdown button and there you go, You have your uploaded transaction script.

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